11-Year-Old Guitar Virtuoso Stuns Rock World In Viral Video

Photo: YouTube

Cole Parsons has been winning the hearts of rock fans around the world ever since his mom Nici shared a video of him playing an original song on guitar in front of his 5th grade class on her Instagram account earlier this month. In the two weeks that followed, her video went viral and her 11-year-old son became an internet sensation (and for good reason — the song sounds like something Metallica would've wrote in the in '80s. Simply put: it shreds). Cole was praised by members of Mötley Crüe and 3 Doors Down and played his original composition on local television news stations in his home state of West Virginia.

When asked about his newfound fame , the prodigy simply stated: “It’s crazy, to be honest.”

His father, Josh, told WSAZ3 that he began teaching Cole how to play guitar around the age of 5 after noticing his son's interest in the instrument. “I’d always put one towards him as soon as he was old enough to reach out for one,” he said. “He just kind of grabbed it, and I didn’t have to do much after that.”

Nici has since posted videos of Cole shredding songs by Pantera, System of a Down, and more. Watch the viral video and news stories below.

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