Twitter Roasted Indianapolis Colts' New Alternate Uniform

Photo: Elsa

Numerous Twitter users roasted the Indianapolis Colts' new alternate uniform following the team's announcement on Thursday (July 20).

The Colts revealed their 'Indiana Nights' uniform, which features primary black helmet with the signature blue horseshoe, as well as a blue jersey with white numbers, blue pants with white lines and blue socks.

"As crisp and cool as the Indiana Nights," the Colts wrote on their official Twitter account Thursday, along with photos of wide receiver Alec Pierce and safety Rodney Thomas II wearing the new alternative uniform.

The team's apparent enthusiasm, however, wasn't shared by many critics on social media, who fired off numerous jokes at the Colts' expense. Multiple Twitter users, including DraftKings analyst Mike Golic Jr., acknowledged that the new uniform bared a strong resemblance to the Brigham Young University football team.

"I thought this was BYU," Golic tweeted.

Other users thought the uniform more closely resembled the Duke University football team.

Many other responses targeted the Colts' general lack of creativity with the uniform.

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