Finneas Opens Up About 'Biggest Argument' With Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish and Finneas are musical masterminds, but they're also siblings. And siblings tend to fight. During a recent visit to Hot Ones Versus, the brother-sister duo were challenged to ask each other personal questions and either answer or eat a flaming hot wing. Eilish asked her brother what he thought was the "biggest argument" they had while recording her latest album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT.

“I put my feet up on the desk a lot and Billie is right there,” the producer said at first.

“Finneas is always, well, not always, a lot of the time, he is a lot of times barefoot or a lot of the times in very filthy shoes. He’ll put them…this is the situation…I’ll be right next to them. And my face is right there," Eilish chimed in. “And we filmed so much of the making of the album that almost all of the footage is just his feet. The camera is right there and it’s just his feet!”

Her big bro then got a little more serious. “I think the longest, biggest argument was during a period of transition in both of our lives when we were both just trying to be honest. To give you credit, I was very high and mighty and telling you you weren’t being honest enough or authentic enough," Finneas admitted. “And you were coming up with such beautiful melodies and cool cadences. Then, by the time we had cool lyrics, everything else was done. So I learned a lot from being too ego-centric.”

Eilish is going on tour to support her third album this fall (but don't expect a three-hour set). See the full list of tour dates here.

Watch Eilish and Finneas' full Hot Ones Versus episode below.

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