YUNGBLUD Declares 'The Kardashian Age Is Over' — It's Cooler To Be Yourself


To say that YUNGBLUD is outspoken about individuality and nonconformity would be an understatement. He's known for wearing dresses during his shows, he's been open about his fluid sexuality, and his songs offer empowering messages to those who feel like they don't fit in. During a recent photoshoot for British GQ, the English rocker was even more candid about his thoughts on society norms.

“The Kardashian age is over," he declared. "It's cooler now to be yourself, [to] be your bald, skinhead, no-make-up, spotty sinner self than looking like Barbie.”

He expanded on this thought even more in an Instagram post sharing some photos from the shoot (yes, he's wearing a dress in a few of them).

"boxes are for cereal. labels are for fookin clothes. we are human and i think the need for division is becoming less and less relevant every single day," he captioned the series of photos. "to me the kardashian age is over: now it is a time where you can be wholeheartedly yourself, no matter what you look like, no matter what you identify as, no matter what you believe yourself to be. you are fookin PERFECT just as you are."

Check out the post below.

Photo: Getty Images

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